Reward Reminder Visits


tobacco - RVV

What are Reward Reminder Visits?

Reward Reminder Visits are supervised visits that involve sending adults and minors into a community in an attempt to educate tobacco retailers about federal and state statutes concerning youth access to tobacco.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of the Reward Reminder Visits are to educate, influence and inform retailers, media and others about the problem of youth access to tobacco products.

What happens?

During an RRV teams of adults and underage youth visit retail establishments where tobacco is sold, and the youth attempt to purchase tobacco.  Retailers who sell receive a reminder of the potential legal consequences of their action presented to them through printed materials.  They are also encouraged to ID youth before completing future sales.  Retailers who do not sell are rewarded with a certificate and gift card for not selling.

For more information contact (918) 595-4513 or

Youth interested in participating please fill out and submit form below.

Reward Reminder Visits Youth Packet


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