Alcohol Compliance Checks

Alcohol Compliance Checks


What are Compliance Checks?

Alcohol compliance checks are a type of environmental prevention that deters alcohol outlets from selling alcohol to underage youth. Law enforcement officials supervise undercover youth who attempt to purchase; if the attempt is successful, the establishment is penalized. Compliance checks are thought to be most effective when they are fruguent, well publicized, and well designed; solicit community support; and impose penalties on licensed establishment rather than just the server.

 How do alcohol compliance checks reduce underage drinking and its consequences?

 Frequent use of compliance checks decrease alcohol sales to minors significantly, are associated with reduced alcoho-related injuries, and impose penalties on the licensed establishment rather than just the server. By decreasing alcohol availability, compliance checks are believe to also reduce alcohol-related problems and crime among youth. Nationally, an estimated 8.6 percent of past-month drinkers purchased their own alcohol the last time they drank. Variations by State ranged from 3.1 percent to 18.8 percent.

What happens?

During an ACC teams of adults, law enforcement officers, and underage youth visit retail establishments where alcohol is sold (convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, restaurants, and bars).  At these establishments the youth attempt to purchase alcohol.  Retailers who sell are subject to administrative and criminal penalties.

For more information regarding Alcohol Compliance Checks, contact (918) 595-4036 or (918) 595-4475.

Youth interested in participating please fill out and submit form below.

Alcohol Compliance Checks Youth Packet


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